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Why Baseball Draws in the Sports Betting World


Sports betting has been a mainstay of American sports since it was legalized in 1992. In the time since then, a few sports have risen above the rest as far as the sheer volume of gambling traffick they acquire.

American football has soared above the rest, with the NFL dominating the betting landscape. Behind that there is horse racing, and basketball. But it’s America’s pastime that has always had its place near the top. Many may wonder, why is it that baseball has been so prevalent for so long in the sports betting world?

It boils down to a couple of factors. The first of these reasons being that the regular season in baseball is 162 games long. This season length dwarfs any other major professional sport, and with 30 teams playing, there are thousands of games played each year. With so much to bet on, naturally more bets are made.

Another large factor in the popularity of baseball betting is the sheer fluky nature of the sport. The best hitter in the world can still go zero for four in a game, and the worst hitter is still capable of hitting a homerun. The thought that anything can happen at any at-bat is a thrilling prospect. Baseball is a sport of precision where chance often has a greater impact than in any other sport.

Another attractive aspect of this pastime is the nature of how the sport itself is played. There is no time limit like on other sports. In an NBA game it is impossible for a team to come back from down 30 points with only one minute remaining. However, in baseball, you could be down by 100 runs in the bottom of the ninth inning, and yet you still have a chance at winning. This is very attractive to sports bettors, because you are never statistically out until the final out of the game is recorded.

Finally, the most compelling factor that draws people out of the woodshed to bet on this fantastical sport, is the superstition. Every aspect of the game is analyzed and next gen stats allow people to try and predict what will happen, but so often, the players and the fans resort to superstition. The same careful routine each day that ensures your team will win by pleasing some obscure fate. There are numerous occasions of people taking this way too far, and valuing superstition above all else. Oakland Athletics GM Billy Beane never watches his team play, in fear that he will jinx them.

These factors create a sport that captures the nation with its unpredictability and its uniqueness to any other sport. All things that make sports bettors (e.g. 링크를 클릭하세요) spring the opportunity to take advantage.