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The most popular sports to bet on

The most popular sports to bet on

Sports betting is vastly popular the world over, so much so that it is practically a part of life in some parts of the world. Over the years, the introduction of professional sports and international tournaments has led to an increase in global betting volumes. Every year billions of dollars exchange hands on account of bets placed on one sporting tournament or the other.

With so much money involved, one tends to wonder which sport constitutes the largest share of the pie. If the same question runs through your mind, you are in the right place. Continue reading as we list some of the most popular sports to bet on globally.


Soccer is the king of sports that reigns supreme the world over. While it may not be the most popular sport in the US, its prevalence in other parts of the world cannot be countered. Currently played in more than 200 countries worldwide with a massive fan following of more than 3.5 billion people, it is easy to see why punters perceive it as the most lucrative sport to bet on.

There are many reasons for the sport’s popularity. It is widely available, and access to information on soccer is quite easy. The increasing trend of digitalization has led to a greater hike in the numbers since bettors can find a wide range of information on the sport and make use of the Agen Judi Bola betting sites to wager on various soccer tournaments online.


The most popular sport for betting in the US is American football. With the increase in the drive to legalize sports betting in various US states, the activity has picked up the pace. Thus it is not surprising to see the most popular sport gaining further traction in terms of sports betting volume.

The NFL continues to be a favorite in the punters’ community within the US. Americans’ love for betting, combined with their love for the sport, has led it to occupy the number one spot in terms of popularity and sports betting volume. However, it is now also gaining attention in other parts of the world.


The third sport on our list is tennis. You may be surprised, but tennis is not far behind the other popular sports in the world when it comes to betting volume. The main reason for this is that there are numerous betting opportunities for tennis. A tennis match happens almost every day around the year. The Grand Slam has four major events every year, while there are multiple other international events to consider as well.

Multiple international tournaments garner attention from the global punters’ community. Thus the high volume of matches translates into a wide range of betting opportunities for tennis.