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Learn How to Win Heads up in online poker


The idea of playing heads-up in online poker requires a more tactical play. After all, the chances of the luck factor are minimal since the matches progress until the player goes broke. In simpler terms, the player puts the bankroll on the line.

Now get this right, if you play with a few players who seem stronger than you on a full table, doesn’t mean you’re going to lose money. Even on the half table, you may have an advantage over the remaining players. At such a time, you can sneak around and pick off the weak players from the better ones.

In heads-up, everything is different because they will all target you. There is a slim chance for victory, leave alone your ego, cash, and the prestige you need to keep as a player. A heads-up match doesn’t guarantee exclusive bragging rights like in the case of the tournaments and full-table cash games.

So, how do you play better heads up in online idn poker? Here are some valuable tips to start with.

Assess your opponent

First, get to know the mindset of your opponent. As a heads-up poker player, you know that many poker players like pushing on any cards while others prefer to raise the blinds irrespective of the hole card arrangement. The conservative players choose to pleat small blinds and eye for an ace or a face card before gaming. Therefore, if your opponent is conservative, you need to be aggressive in choosing the cards to play pre-flop by executing a bet size (3xs) the big blind that has an ace or face.

Remain Aggressive

To be an aggressive heads-up player, consider the hole cards. If you are a one-hand player, never bet the pre-flop once the poker tournament begins. This strategy will consume more of your time without recognizing your opponents’ hole cards.

Catch the bluffs

The word ‘bluff. Means allowing an aggressive opponent to dominate the show. Even if you have some strong hole cards, ensure you check through the flop, and bet the top pair. To look for a value, bet on the middle pair.

It means you have to allow your opponent to determine the pace for betting when the starting hands reduce, and before a flop of the under cards. This will lead to a bigger pot. Aggressive players bluff a lost flop, and this paves the chance for the conservative player to win a pot invested opponent.


Always stick to the methodology midstream. Open a raise from the small blind, keep checking through the flop (use a pre-flop raise). It will help predict if your opponent is aggressive or strictly conservative. This knowledge will help you stick to any of the above strategies in heads-up poker.


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