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Is online poker still profitable, or is it too difficult to beat nowadays?

Is online poker still profitable, or is it too difficult to beat nowadays?

Years ago, when online poker first became popular, it was so easy to beat your opponents. Even for people who were unskilled at the game. In recent years, however, being able to beat online poker has become far more difficult. Even for people who have played it for years.


Does this mean online poker orĀ score88poker is now not beatable, or is there something else going on?


Less unskilled players — When online poker first became popular, so many people thought it was a way to make easy money, they joined casinos in droves. That meant, for anyone with even average skills, beating their opponents in most online games was easy.


Nowadays, however, as more skilled players have joined online poker, the unskilled ones have left as they are tired of always losing. This means, for anyone who used to win against them, it now seems like online poker is ‘unbeatable’. It is not.


More skilled players — As the more skilled players joined the world of online poker, they also decreased your ability to win. After all, if your skills are not up to their level then you are always going to lose. No matter how much money you spend or how many hours you play. Especially if you are playing with the same level of skill as you always have.


Improve your skills — The first step for anyone saying online poker is unbeatable should be to look honestly at their own skills. Have they improved over the years, or are you playing the same way you always have? Have you read books, taken lessons or joined a coaching group to improve them? If not, no matter how much you try, you are rarely going to beat the more skilled players.


Update your skills, however, and you could just find yourself winning at the same rates as you did years ago when all those poor players were still online.


Be patient and watch — For people who have played online poker for many years, the idea they should just sit back and watch before playing is abhorrent.


As the online poker world has changed, however, sitting back and watching for a while before joining a game can pay off in huge dividends. Simply because you are learning all about your possible opponents before playing against them.


Be more patient, take less action and you may just find your days of playing online poker and winning at it are back to the levels they used to be. Plus, if you play in the high stake games, the money is still there as well.