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When should you move up in stakes?

When should you move up in stakes?

Moving up in stakes isn’t easy at all, and anytime can be the right time for anyone. In online poker, as usual, you’re moving up in stakes depends on several factors such as your current winnings, your state of mind, your bankroll, etc. However, one common factor among all poker gamers is that moving up is not easy. Even the most experienced players fail severally before they could master the necessary skills required to succeed in the next higher limit.

This article is meant to show you some of the factors that will influence your decision to either move up in stakes or stay put at your limit. These are;

  1. The bankroll

This is, in fact, the most crucial factor that will always influence your decision. You need to have increased your bankroll in recs and table winnings for you even to consider moving up in stakes. For a recreational gambler, you should consider moving up when you hit at least 40 buy-ins, which is equivalent to 200 dollars in your bankroll. But, a professional gambler with a high and consistent win rate at your current limit should consider moving up with at least 50 buy-ins or more. Such a bankroll is enough to withstand any downswing that you may experience along the way.

  1. Are you constantly winning in your current stake?

You can move up if you do not have a consistent winning history at your current level. Please note that the higher you move, the more challenging it becomes. The challenges above are a lot more complex than your current stake. Also, expect to fail in your first shots from a higher stake, thus dropping your win rate. This typically happens before you could master the strategies. However, reconsider your decision after several fails.

  1. Are you confident enough to move up?

Most people would want to move up in stakes when they feel confident enough at their table poker skills. But along the way, one can quickly lose faith in their strategies when they start losing; that’s normal with 홀덤 poker games. Therefore, when it comes to moving up in stakes, one should critically analyze himself before taking that step. Ensure you’re among the best players at your current stake, that you have mastered all the necessary skills, and you feel motivated and confident enough to move up.

  1. Your approach to this new level matters a lot.

It’s normal to want to change your game plan now that you have the required bankroll. Well, you shouldn’t do it drastically. The money could be significant, but the game remains constant. So don’t go there trying to prove a point instantly. Instead, play your regular game as you study the game strategies before you risk being put back to where you came from.