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How To Move Up In Stakes In Online Poker

How To Move Up In Stakes In Online Poker

Moving up stakes in poker may quite be challenging especially if you are new in the game. You will need some key tactics to master how the game works and also understand on when you could move up the stakes.


The entire process of moving up the stakes is based on a range of factors some of which includes the results in the previous games, the bankroll, your confidence in bandar domino qiu qiu poker and your targeted goals in the game as well.


Winning the game is possible however you need to understand that maintaining a balance while moving the stakes is key. With a faster move, you will have no chances to playing at higher stakes. Waiting for too long is worse too, you will risk losing a lot of money. Therefore, the only chance for you to successfully move up the stakes is maintaining a balance in all your movements.


Below are the key methods to help you in moving up the stakes in poker.

Blend games while moving the stakes

Blending all the games that you are intending to play is a strategic way to win the game more easily. However, you need to ensure that the two games are not different and that you can have a chance to keep increasing the tables to hit the %100 limit. However, the ration in which you could combine the games will depend on your bankroll and your current stakes as well.


If the shots don’t seem to work out well, then you may consider moving down to regain your stakes before you can take the shot again.


Mass tabling

The mass tabling is also another strategy to consider. With this method, you need to quickly add up more tables in the game. You will also need to closely monitor the tables to get an idea on how to move them throughout the game. You could use the Table AHK or the Ninja program to get the key tables at the front. A push and fold strategy will work better with this kind of a method since you may not have enough time to make some logical decision on moving the stakes while more tables are in place.


The mass tabling technique is a key technique to quickly move up the stakes and win a lot of money within a short duration. However, if you are looking for a way to grow into an experienced poker in the future then this is definitely not the trick to go by. I would recommend the blending games strategy as the best way to help you move up the stakes and also keep you engaged to learning more tricks about the game.