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Betting On Professional Sports Is Exciting

Betting On Professional Sports Is Exciting

You’re sitting there with your friends or family and watching a game, but just can’t seem to get into the grove and root for your team. Wondering why you realize that you haven’t bet anything on this game like you usually do, so you sneak off to the bathroom to call a betting service to place your bet before the second half begins, too bad it’s a restricted bet for being after kickoff, but it is still enough to get your heart into the game and you soon find yourself hooting and hollering all with everyone else in the room.

The excitement created from watching a game that you have wagered real money on is a thrill that has little comparison. It sucks you into the game itself and you find yourself on the edge of your seat hoping that your chosen team wins, and by the correct amount of points too. The latter of which helps those games that would typically be a snooze fest, transform into nail bitters because even though everyone knows the overall outcome – who is going to win – no one knows what the final score will be, and you could find yourself rooting for both sides at different points in the game. You may be rooting for the losing team to just score one more touchdown, run, or basket.

If you aren’t aware, there are a variety of bets that you can place on games of each of the three major professional sports games. Whether you are a fan of any particular sport will not matter much when you have a little of your paycheck riding on the outcome. You could soon realize it is after midnight as you are on the edge of your seat watching a Major League Baseball (MLB) game work its way to the bottom of the 12th inning, and you’re not even a baseball fan. So, in the hopes of making some sports games more interesting for you, we are going to cover some of the basic bets that one can place on the three major sports leagues: MLB, National Basketball Association (NBA), and also the National Football League (NFL).


If you are looking to place a bet on our first sport covered, an MLB 시청 game, then there are a couple of options for your gambling experience. The first of which is to wager on the outcome of the game in a simple win/lose bet. This type if just as it sounds, you are betting on who will win the game, regardless of the score. This simple bet is the most common type of bet around, but there are other types. If basic betting is not enough for you then there are also live bets you can place.

Live bets are bets you make during the game and can be anything from a changing outcome where the team you had originally bet on doesn’t look like they are going to win, then you can change your bet to the other team for a slight amount more. This way if your original team does end up losing like you thought they would during the game, then you win the difference between the two bets placed. Or, if you were wrong in your later bet, and the original team makes a comeback to win the game, then you only lose the difference between your two bets. Although, be careful with this kind of wagering because with many sportsbooks there are odds on your bets, and those change drastically from pregame betting to live betting, so watch the numbers closely to make sure you’re not stretching yourself too thin and losing more money than you would have originally.

Then there are bets you can place on an individual player’s performance. These kinds of bets are called Prop bets and you can wager on all kinds of things from if a player will have a hit in a game or how many hits they will have. You can bet on if a player will have an error in a game or on them stealing a base. A big one to bet on is choosing to bet that a specific player will hit a home run in a game. These bets have great odds and you can earn a pretty penny if you were right. Often there are 4 to 1 up to 6 or 7 to 1. This means that if you bet five dollars on your player hitting a home run and you were right, then you can win $20 up to $30-35, or more for players who are less likely to hit a homer. These types of bets are fun because they can get you engaged in a game even if the score is dismal and boring.

There are other types of bets too, but those get to be extremely complicated. Too complicated to cover in a brief article like this one and require a lot of research before engaging in responsibly. If yo
u are interested just search for Run/Line bets. You will soon understand why many people consider this type of betting to be too complicated for beginners. But don’t worry, there are many other bets to be placed on other sports, such as:


When betting on NBA games you can stick with the basic final score bets that are typical of any sporting event. If you are engaging in this type of bet, make sure you pay attention to two major factors: the spread and the odds. These are also common among most, if not all, of professional sports betting. The odds are usually in your favor, and if you win, then you win multiple times the amount of money you put up for the wager. Then there is the spread. Typically, on a 1 to 1 bet where you will get what you wagered if you win but you also get points. So, if your team is sure to win an NBA game, then, for example, you may get a seven to ten-point spread. This means that your team must win by that amount of points, or you still lose the bet. So, make sure you pay attention to both the odds and the spread.

Again, with this professional sport, you can bet on individual player performance. The only difference is you can bet on things like your player getting things like a triple-double or if your player gets fouled out of a game. Both of which usually carry some hefty odds, in your favor of course. The less likely the thing you are betting on happening is to occur, the higher the odds and the bigger your winnings will be if you happen to be right and they accomplish the feat you guessed that they would. These are good little bets to place if you see a starting line match up that looks like it could be very much in favor of a specific player. It is paying attention to the trivial things like that which make the difference between a successful gambler and a novice bettor. Also, the small extremely specific details are all important when preparing to place a bet on the next major sports league:


When it comes to our third and final choice for the most popular professional sports leagues to place a bet on, the NFL is one of the most technical when it comes to placing a bet. There are way too many factors to even attempt to make a list but a couple of them, just to give you a starting idea of what all top-notch gamblers pay attention to are first of all the injured player list and or who just came off the injured roster. Is that player is freshly back from an injury or they are back too soon and may not play up to their standard level of performance. This could affect the whole team’s overall outcome, especially if that player is in a key position or a top performer for their team. Another factor they watch is the weather. For example, will it be raining or foggy out and the team they are betting on is a high percentage passing team because a wet ball is harder to catch and throw. These are just a couple of factors to take into consideration when placing a bet.

For the types of bets, which you can place on an NFL game, start with the basics like overall team score – with a spread and/or odds weighed in on the wager – or individual player performance. When it comes to individual players you can place a wager on nearly every single aspect that they keep statistics on. Everything from touchdown runs or touchdown passes caught to the number of tackles or sacks can be bet on with a thorough enough sportsbook to have figured out the odds for every aspect of a game.

Often, if a bet is requested to be made on an individual players performance and the bookie hadn’t preplanned that bets odds they will take the bettors information down and if they have the time to calculate fair betting odds for what they requested then they will contact the bettor and find out the wager amount to finalize the bet being placed. So, if you wish to place a bet on a player who is not one of the top star players for either team, then make sure to attempt to place that bet with plenty of time before kickoff is set to take place.

Wrap Up

So, now you have a basic understanding of what betting on the three major professional sports leagues entails. There is so much involved, that it can be both exciting and overwhelming at times. So, do not get ahead of yourself and only place bets that you fully understand.

Also, find yourself a trustworthy sportsbook, be wary of under the table seedy types of bookies because you don’t want to involve yourself in illegal betting rings and you can be sure they are not real careful with your personal information, so the likelihood of you getting into trouble if they get busted highly likely. These are not people to involve yourself with, especially since there are several trustworthy sportsbooks to deal with, many of which are based in Las Vegas and have a large staff dedicated to mathematically figure out the perfect odds for every game from all three sports leagues.

If you follow these basic guidelines, then you are sure to make the next sporting event you watch with your friends, family, or even alone, a much more engaging experience. This is because you will be invested in the game’s outcome, literally.